welcome to Radicondoli!

la Porta Olla di Radicondoli

In the green of the Tuscan countryside, a few kilometers from the splendid cities of San Gimignano, Volterra, Siena, Monteriggioni, Florence and the Chianti region, we find a small town that once was the castle of Radicondoli. Here, in a fortress built in the 1300’s we can still breathe the air of the middle ages.

The house has been constructed as part of an ancient medieval tower – also built in the 1300’s – which rises above the city walls. The house has been completely restored. Yet the tile floors and traditional beamed ceilings create an atmosphere which transports you directly into the experience of residing in the heart of a true Tuscan home.

the house

The house has a kitchen with a breakfast area, two large bedrooms with double beds (one of which has a private bathroom), sittingroom with a sofa-bed, artist studio and terrace with arches that frame an unforgettable view of the Metallifere hills. From every window you have the opportunity to admire the beauty of the countryside. There is a small garden (home to two turtles) which serves as a perfect location to relax and take in the surrounds.

In this peaceful and beautiful village of close to 1,000 residents, the timeless sense of a true Italian experience still exists. With small streets that curve throughout, some of which are too small for cars to travel, you have the opportunity to spend time in a locale that can quickly become "yours."

The village has three restaurants which are all particularly wonderful and all different:
Il Nazionale is the place to go for a "buon pasta" of pappardelle with ragu’.
La Pergola serves – along with wonderful pizza – the most beautiful views of Radicondoli
I Granaio (the granary) offers an unique mix of Tuscan/Sardenginan cuisine.